Hatton Ferry Photos

Janice Doyle, 1st Vice President of the Thomas Jefferson Garden Club, standing behind a native Cornus alternifolia (aka Pagoda Dogwood) planted May 9, 2014, by Hatton Ferry President, Steven G. Meeks.

Hatton Ferry President, Steven G. Meeks, plants a Pagoda Dogwood on May 9, 2014. The Pagoda Dogwood was donated to the Hatton Ferry by the Thomas Jefferson Garden Club.

Pictures from The Hatton Ferry Opening Day Picnic

April 19, 2014

Photos by Amanda Kutch

Other Pictures of the Hatton Ferry

Craig McPherson, Harold Pillar, Steven Meeks and Jr Tapscott (on backhoe) worked several days in June at the Hatton Ferry's Buckingham side where flood waters had wrecked havoc on the area.
Photo by Martha Louis